Jack found this unusual chair that contained no fabric, no padding, joints that were weak and unglued, remnants of jute webbing barely hanging in place and wood finish that was long ago wasted away. What was also unique about this chair is that it came from a masonic temple. The piece is three chairs joined

Nashville, TN – Detroit, MI

Done for a client in Italy, the Aluminum Chair Set is a series of four chairs that were hand stained and refinished by Jack White during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. Each chair is matching yet unique. The client gave Mr. White carte blanche to do with the chairs however he pleased. Jack sanded all

Various digital photography.

From The Dead Weather Technique and Instrument Series.

January 1, 1907 – March 7, 1989 Norman Blaine Saunders was a prolific 20th-century American commercial artist. He is best known for paintings in pulp magazines, paperbacks, men’s adventure magazines, comic books and trading cards.

Conceptualized by White and executed by the vinyl wizards at United Record Pressing in Nashville, the 12-inch single of “Sixteen Saltines” is the first-ever commercially released liquid-filled vinyl record. Additionally, the b-side features a playable etching of the Third Man logo, utilizing a process masterminded by George Ingram at Nashville Record Productions. Liquid-filled records have

1839 – 1894 George A. Schastey was an American Gilded Age cabinet maker and decorator and upholsterer. Schastey was born in Merseburg, Germany (then Prussia), and immigrated to New York with his family in 1849. He was apprenticed as an upholsterer, and served in the Civil War. After the War he worked for a number of cabinetmakers, including the Herter Brothers.

Years ago someone told me that 1,200 high school kids were given a survey. A question was posed to them: Have you ever been to a stand-alone record shop? The number of kids that answered “yes” was… zero.

White made this for a chihuahua named ‘Daisy’. The house was designed so that only one of the three legs could be visible when looked at from any direction.

1995 48” L x 48” T x 36” W materials:  plywood, 2×4 lumber, roofing tile, upholstery webbing, caulk, chartreuse, white, and black oil based paint, straw. information:  “jack designed and built this dog house for a family dog named “brick”.  current whereabouts unknown.

In Detroit’s Cass Corridor neighborhood sits Third Man Records Detroit. The more than 15,000 square foot Jack White designed location houses TMR’s second retail location and label office along with Third Man Pressing vinyl manufacturing, and the Third Man Mastering studio. In 2015, White bought the former 1920s Olds Motor Works Service Center building at

This sculpture existed as a totally different form with three constructed vehicles screwed to a garbage found wooden plant mold form.  A customer at Jacks’ upholstery shop refused to pay a bill at a crucial time for White, so he hung up the phone and took an axe and a worm gear saw to the

A previously “lost” video from the B Side of The Belles first single for “Lies.” Directed by Jack White and edited by Kevin Carrico.

Directed by Jack WhiteAn alternate version of the originally filmed video for the song “I Cut Like A Buffalo”.

While Jack White started working as an upholstery apprentice in 1991, he wouldn’t hang his own shingle until 1996. With a dedicated ground floor studio at the Pioneer Building, White would support himself almost exclusively from the profession for years before closing up shop to focus more intently on music and touring.

From The Dead Weather Technique and Instrument Series.

2013 Directed by: Jack White Director of Photography: Jo McCaughey Edited by: Jo McCaughey, Jack White, Julian Baker “Record For You” Written by Brendan Benson (Chrysalis Music/Gladsad Music, ASCAP)

Built in 2008 and designed from a gutted painters studio, Third Man Recording studio has been home to almost all of Jack White’s recordings since its construction.

Spanning two addresses and more than 10,000 square feet, the Third Man Records Nashville headquarters is inarguably the most detailed, in-depth and wide-ranging design work White has ever undertaken. White bought the main building (623 7th Ave S) in October of 2008 and immediately assembled his preferred team of collaborators (carpenters, architects, painters, fixers) in

George Nelson was an American industrial designer of American Modernism.

“Let’s Shake Hands” is the debut 7″ single of Detroit-based American garage rock band The White Stripes. It was released in March 1998, and marks their first recording.

Forced perspective painting painted by Chris Clawson. Image design by Jack White and Julian Baker. Directed by Jack White. Filmed and edited by Jo McCaughey.

Third Man Mastering is a full service analog and digital Mastering Studio located in Detroit, Michigan in the heart of the Cass Corridor right next to the Third Man Pressing plant. Jack designed the layout of the studio and the specific materials used to absorb sound in different ways. White was inspired greatly by the

2015 A tree was rotting away and dying and was suggested to be taken down.  Jack used this as inspiration for a “dead” sculpture as opposed to a living sculpture. Contract painter Christopher Clawson was hired to used a cherry picker to paint the entirety of the remaining tree and it’s limbs and branches with

The Warrior Chair is a piece designed for champions and warriors to rest in (when given special permission) at the Warstic headquarters. Created as Jack White’s first design contribution to the showroom of the Dallas company Warstic (which he co-owns with founder Ben Jenkins and Golden Glove second baseman Ian Kinsler), the chair itself is one-of-a-kind

The Triple Green Machine was designed by Jack as a series of ultra modifications to a standard Gretsch Anniversary Jr. guitar, all implemented by master luthier Randy Parsons. The most important design idea was to have a green bullet microphone that could be pulled out of the guitar and sung through, but utilizing a cord

Designed by Coppersound Pedals & Jack White The Third Man Triplegraph is a digital, triple function octave pedal designed by Coppersound Pedals and Jack White. This exciting collaboration began in the summer of 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. After four years of rigorous engineering, prototyping, designing, and real-time road testing from Jack himself, the Triplegraph has

This guitar was originally a present given to Jack and started its life as a B Bender Nashville Telecaster. Jack began designing and customizing the guitar for use in The Raconteurs. The work was commissioned to Chip Ellis and the amazing craftsmen at the Fender Custom Shop. The current form of the guitar is painted

Jack designed this guitar as an extension of the famous Gretsch ‘Duo-Jet’ guitar. The double cutaway version is called a ‘Double-Jet’, Jack took this a step further and designed a ‘fake’ Gretsch, hand built by Randy Parsons, that had three Gretsch humbucking pickups, an on/off switch for each on the horn, and an MXR micro-amp preamp

“Veronica” was the third and final guitar White designed based on the Gretsch Rancher model. Along with “Claudette”, and “Rita” each of these guitars was dedicated to a classic film star…one blonde, one redhead, and one brunette. “Veronica” is a tribute to the peek-a-boo blonde star Veronica Lake. Design illustration was carved/burned into the guitar

Born from the concept of a new Third Man Records branch opening in Detroit, Third Man Pressing was a long time dream of Jack White and the staff of TMR.

Jack White was tasked by Woodland Studios owners Gillian Welch and David Rawlings to bring back to life an old office chair that was found in their historic studio. Gillian provided a beautifully soft orange fabric and Mr. White set to work. Most of the creative elements were copied from the original patterns. The cushions

Music video by Jack White performing Love Interruption, from Blunderbuss.

Conceptualized and designed by Jack White to have everything that Third Man’s Nashville location had to offer, but on wheels, the Third Man Rolling Record Store was constructed by an automobile custom shop out of Cincinnati from the carcass of an auctioned DHL delivery truck. Vintage classic car parts were used as well as custom

This working sculpture was designed and constructed by Jack at his Detroit studio in 1997.  It uses a “Squirrel Cage” industrial fan used for heating and cooling along with an old electric motor. Jack cut ‘bullet holes’ into the squirrel cage apparatus to allow the air out,  mounted the piece to a rolling square of

The first wall hanging sculpture Jack ever constructed from 1995.   It was done as an exercise to play with Jack’s uncomfortableness with triangles. materials:  plywood, 2×4 lumber, oil based spray paints, colored hot melt glue, lacquer gloss Finished: September 1995

Recording tape reels of various sized silk screened with the logos of Third Man Recording.  These reels are used in the studio, in the lathe room at both Third Man Nashville and Third Man Detroit, as well as at the Third Man Mastering studio.

These three Gibsons came out of a happenstance situation for Jack. The Gibson guitar company was sponsoring a Grammy Recording Academy Event and offered Jack a free Gibson guitar of his choice. Jack asked if he could have a Fort Knox model Les Paul which was a special run using all golden hardware on a

A tree was rotting away and dying and was suggested to be taken down. Jack used this as inspiration for “The Red Tree” sculpture as opposed to a living sculpture. Over the years the tree has rotted from within as well and slowly falls apart and transforms its shape.   It is currently home to

From Filter magazine, “Jack White Instant Manipulation”
Polaroids + Text Jack White

The first single by The Black Belles, “What Can I Do?”

A professional bowling alley and bar/lounge designed by Jack White that took over a year and a half to complete. The alley contains two lanes of standard bowling and one lane of Candle Pin (a variation common in the Maritime states and provinces of North America). The Candle Pin lane was designed with black flooring

It’s a tale as old as time: a special child with a remarkable vision has his dream repeatedly squashed and stepped on only to become victorious in the end.

“A recent study shows that 97% of all high school aged kids have never been to a stand alone record store. Perhaps they couldn’t find one?” Promotional Clip Directed by Jack White

As requested by the Phillips family, Jack White was honored to be given the opportunity to refurbish an original Sam Phillips Recording studio couch and bring it back to life. The family gave White carte blanche to do whatever he saw fit and his visit to the space in April 2016 helped White land on

June 24, 1888 – June 25, 1964 Gerrit Thomas Rietveld  was a Dutch furniture designer and architect. One of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement called De Stijl, Rietveld is famous for his Red and Blue Chair and for the Rietveld Schröder House.

2015 Live Performance.

“Lafayette Blues” is the second 7″ single of the Detroit-based American garage rock band The White Stripes.

Released January 25th, 2011.Design and layout with Miles Johnson

The peacock den was designed by Jack to house a present he had been gifted…four all-white baby peacock chicks. Three of the chicks survived infancy and were named Charlie, Feathers, and Sprout. The structure is rustic knotty pine wood. The painter was directed to stain all of the circular knots black and then to white

Released May 2000 The lone single off of the Stripes sophomore “De Stijl” album, “Hello Operator” was selected as “single of the week” by legendary UK DJ John Peel even though the record wasn’t released in the UK. If that wasn’t enough, the B-side showcases the band’s cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” a long-time live

These are short films directed by Jack White for the purposes of being shown on the projection screen behind the band during live performances of the tour of the album “Boarding House Reach.”

Utilized by The Dead Weather, Sea of Cowards, 2010Jack White, Lazaretto, 2014 See also: Lazaretto Ultra LP

Paramount Records was founded on a modest proposition: produce records as cheaply as possible, recording whatever talent was available. Over its lifetime, the label would become a “race records” powerhouse, its sound and fortunes directly linked to the Great Migration.

This furniture project was born out of a long standing desire for Jack White to give a gesture of thanks to an old friend and early midwest musical companion Johnny Walker of the Soledad Bros. Johnny currently co-owns the studio “The Lodge KY” in Dayton, Kentucky which is housed in a historical former Masonic Lodge

“Hotel Yorba” b/w “Rated X,” recorded by Brendan Benson in the Hotel Yorba Rm # 286 in Southwest Detroit, May 2001, on black vinyl. Design and layout by Jack White. 

Constructed on-camera as the opening scene to Davis Guggenheim’s award-winning 2009 documentary “It Might Get Loud,” White’s assembling of the one-string, entry-level instrument, primarily originating from the American South, is followed with the quip “Who says you need to buy a guitar?” White’s Diddley Bow was displayed at the Museum of Design Atlanta as part

Released 2010Design with Miles Johnson

1996 materials:  various tools, metal and debris found on an old workbench, black lacquer, clear lacquer finish poured on, chartreuse oil paint, lumber, plywood

Custom Ludwig drum kit designed by Jack White. The kit has been used live in The Dead Weather, in the recording and video for the James Bond franchise theme song “Another Way To Die” and used extensively by White himself and multiple drummers at Third Man Recording Studio.

2010 Sprung from White’s challenge to find new ways to hide music on the vinyl disc format, the Triple Decker was born. Consisting of components from five separate discs, the name comes from the fact that actual assembly of the discs happens in a three layered approach. Here two 12″ vinyl records are pressed on

“Rita” is a design in tribute to the film great Rita Hayworth, a tremendous influence on Jack White’s creative life over the years. Rita was the second in the “Three Women” acoustic guitar design trilogy. Intended to be played solely in White’s band The White Stripes, Rita was broken-in on the 2007 touring in support

During the initial existence of the “new era of polaroid”, the company known as The Impossible Project teamed up with Third Man and Jack White to expose more people to the beauties of instant film. Jack White had been shooting with instant film exclusively for ten years at this point and inquired about the possibility

Lazaretto is the second studio album by Jack White. It was released on June 10, 2014, through White’s own label Third Man Records in association with XL Recordings and Columbia Records. The limited-edition “Ultra” LP features hidden songs, secret grooves and holograms that materialize when the record is being played. Design and layout with Nathanio Strimpopulos.

7 October 1929 – 13 June 2017 Robert Deodaat Emile “Ootje” Oxenaar was a Dutch graphic artist, visual artist, commissioner, and Professor.

An idea sprung from a pile of prototypes from United Record Pressing, White proposed that every Third Man 7-inch release have a limited-edition component presented in the label’s signature three colors…yellow, black, and white. While not a “new” invention per se, the resultant collectible frenzy unleashed with every latest release has made the tri-color synonymous with both

From Filter magazine, “Jack White Instant Manipulation”.
Polaroids + Text Jack White

In its final 5 year push, Paramount embarked on a furious run for the ages, birthing the entire genre of Mississippi Delta blues and issuing some of the most coveted records in the history of wax.

“Claudette” is the brunette of the “Three Women” guitars designed by Jack White. Claudette began as an off-the-rack Gretsch Rancher and was the first of the set completed. Jack wanted an accomplished tattoo artist who would be up for the unique task of implementing deep shading tattoo style to wood burning on the body of

Released on July 3, 2001.

Designed and constructed by Jack White with electrical wiring by Johnny Walker. The cabinet contains three types of Leslie revolving speakers. The peppermint in the viewing window is mounted on a revolving speaker baffle and spins at both slow and fast speeds.

Released March 23rd, 2018Design and layout with Caitlin Parker, Nathanio Strimpopulos and Tristan McNatt.

Professional film processing and studio facility in Nashville, TN.

Jack’s studio in the Pioneer building made him the neighbor of many artists and artisans who also rented studios in the building. There was a group organized “Tile Art Show” where different artists were all asked to make a “tile” of some kind. Jack designed three tiles for the show, one of which was this

Over the past 5 years, Third Man Records has brought to life many ideas that are new to the century-old vinyl format. Meet the ULTRA LP.

Completed with either a pack of simple letter stickers OR the most basic turn-of-the-century version of Photoshop, Jack White’s flyer design is in total service of clearly conveying information. While a clever aside or poetic flourish may hide in the margin or minuscule type, the who, the what, the where and the when are all

“Removal of Goatee in Four Photographs” This was taken in 2005, the assistant of the photograph cut off Jack’s goatee in a perfectly timed set of 4 shots in a color Photo Booth that Jack had in his living room at the time.  It took several practice shots to ensure it happened perfectly. “Lost and

Many of these logos were designed by Jack White alongside several graphic designers from the Third Man staff over the years. Third Man Programs, Series, Hardware, Novelties, etc. Third Man Alternate Logos

From The Dead Weather Technique and Instrument Series.

Musical artists traveling through Nashville are invited to stop by to record a song or two with Jack White as producer at Third Man Studio. These 7″ recordings become what is known as the Blue Series, named for their cover photos captured in the Third Man Records Nashville Blue Room. Design and layout with Nathanio Strimpopulos, Miles Johnson and

Released on April 1, 2003.

Third Man Hardware has had many collaborations over the years with numerous music equipment and effects pedal companies.  The designs of this various equipment are usually a collaboration between the company, Jack White and Third Man’s hive of designers.   Most effects pedals are released in two versions, one as a limited edition yellow color

Read more on “My Sonic Temple“

Henry Dreyfuss was an industrial design pioneer.

The Official Video for “I Cut Like A Buffalo” by The Dead Weather

Originally undertaken anonymously in 2009, White provided both the funding and design to this field in the neighborhood where he grew up in Southwest Detroit. The first major work done on the field in decades, White’s design provided shaded shelter for both players and spectators, new fencing, and a red dirt infield to replace the