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Triple Decker Record


Sprung from White’s challenge to find new ways to hide music on the vinyl disc format, the Triple Decker was born. Consisting of components from five separate discs, the name comes from the fact that actual assembly of the discs happens in a three layered approach.

Here two 12″ vinyl records are pressed on clear PVC with music only on one side. From there, an additional 12″ record is pressed on opaque yellow vinyl, only to be routed out and turned into a “ring.” Additionally, a 10″ white vinyl record is pressed only to also be routed into a ring. Finally, a standard black vinyl 7-inch single. The routed rings fit one inside the other and the 7-inch single at the center. The 12-inch records are oriented with their blank sides facing inward and everything but the 7-inch is glued into place.

The whole idea of this project was to ask record collectors “Why do you collect records? Do you collect them to possess an object? Or to enjoy the music contained therein?” With the music on the 7-inch exclusive to ONLY that 7-inch sealed tightly inside, the purchaser needed to decide whether or not they wanted to break open this record to hear that song…or just display the record on their wall or shelf.