Third Man Logo Suite

Many of these logos were designed by Jack White alongside several graphic designers from the Third Man staff over the years.

Standard Universal Logo
May be used on anything/everything to do with the label from its productions and releases
Cass Corridor
Used in conjunction with any of the operations relating to the Detroit storefront, offices and live programming
Third Man Films
Primarily used for video content disseminated from Third Man, whether through The Internet, Fan Club releases or even Theatrical releases and pieces directed by Jack White

Third Man Books
Started in 2014, the Third Man Books division is a publishing company owned and operated by Third Man bearing this logo on its colophon pages, book spines, and promotional items

Third Man Live
Used on records and flyers promoting shows that take place in Third Man’s Blue Room location in Nashville
Third Man Mastering
The logo for a full service analog and digital mastering studio located in Detroit and open to the public
Third Man Pressing
Used exclusively on records pressed at the Third Man plant in addition to Third Man Pressing paraphernalia, including shipping boxes and employee uniforms
Third Man Studio
The logo of Jack White’s personal studio that utilizes red, white and black in accordance with The White Stripes’ color scheme. Used on track sheets, reel to reel tapes and studio equipment.
Rolling Record Store
Used on merchandise, promotions and announcements regarding Third Man’s record store on wheels that travels the United States
The Vault
Established in 2009 and serving as Third Man’s de facto fan club. the Vault logo is an interpretation of Nicola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower and was the first of many Third Man logos to utilize The Tower and lightning bolts
Third Man Upholstery
The logo representing Jack White’s upholstery studio, established in Detroit in 1993 and still operating today in Nashville. Designed by artist Rob Jones.
Used for Third Man’s launch of the first ever phonograph record played in space, the Icarus Project logo depicts the customized turntable used to play said record (a 12-inch gold-metallized version of Carl Sagan’s “A Glorious Dawn”) and was inspired by classic NASA mission patches of the 1960’s and 70’s.

Third Man Programs, Series, Hardware, Novelties, etc.

Light and Sound Machine
This monthly film series began in 2013 and primarily showcases 16mm prints of avant-garde, independent and otherwise overlooked cinema, screened exclusively in the Blue Room in Nashville
Third Man Hardware
Used for turntables, effects pedals, synthesizers and any other Third Man product that falls in the general electronics category
Peripheral Visions
Started in 2016, Peripheral Visions is Third Man’s genre-based film program, highlighting specific mainstream, cult and exploitation films
Third Man Photo Studio
A fully functional photo studio and dark room located in the back of the Blue Room at Third Man in Nashville
Third Man Archive
This logo is for internal use only, applied to the exterior of the records, merchandise or any element that is held in Third Man’s expansive, climate controlled onsite archives

Jack White Personal Logo
Designed by artist Rob Jones, this logo is used for Jack White’s solo career. He uses a simplified version with three vertical lines, III, as well
School Choirs & Bands
This logo is used for the program “School Choices and Bands at Third Man” where school musical groups visit Third Man and record their songs in the Blue Room

The Third Man Record Booth
Inspired by the original 1947 Voice-o-Graph artwork, this logo serves as the basis for the center label artwork on discs dispensed from our multiple recording booths
The Third Man mascot displayed in the Nashville store and most commonly used on merchandise for kids

Third Man Alternate Logos