“Triple Green Machine” Guitar

The Triple Green Machine was designed by Jack as a series of ultra modifications to a standard Gretsch Anniversary Jr. guitar, all implemented by master luthier Randy Parsons.

The most important design idea was to have a green bullet microphone that could be pulled out of the guitar and sung through, but utilizing a cord that would retract once released. Parsons researched and ultimately utilized a small vacuum cleaner cord retractor to put this idea into action.  

The guitar contains numerous additional features; a light-based theremin with control knob, a micro amp, wooden arm rest, mechanical dampening foam pad with rising and lowering switch,  master volume knob, master tone knob and master on/off switch.

Jack’s receipt of the completed Triple Green Machine (and his resultant reaction to it) is featured in the film documentary It Might Get Loud.

excerpt from It Might Get Loud