Third Man Recording Studio

Built in 2008 and designed from a gutted painters studio, Third Man Recording studio has been home to almost all of Jack White’s recordings since its construction.

Jack incorporated countless experimental sound deadening and reflecting ideas in his design. No two surfaces are alike really. You will find staggered subway tile on one surface, Spanish roof tile on the next, then custom scatterboard in front of sound absorbing fabric.

Jack was the cutter and button maker for master upholsterer Brian Muldoon’s work on the button tufted angled back wall of the control room and a special padded random upholstered panel behind the drums. Numerous strange features make the studio sound quite unique; including a room completely covered in tin, glass windows (which are seldom found in studios) and small spacing to encourage “bleed” and teamwork. Sound innovations ranging from rare two-inch Studer 8-track recorders, to secret techniques in design that wont be publicized make this a truly unique space.

This is the first time photos of the interior of the studio have been published.