Aluminum Chair Set

Done for a client in Italy, the Aluminum Chair Set is a series of four chairs that were hand stained and refinished by Jack White during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. Each chair is matching yet unique. The client gave Mr. White carte blanche to do with the chairs however he pleased. Jack sanded all of the wooden components down to the bare wood and thoroughly cleaned the aluminum components. Some of the seats had split and needed to be re-glued at the seams. Aniline dye was used for the two colors needed, black and red. The third color of the wood is natural. High gloss lacquer was applied over the dye in multiple coats by brushing and spraying. Jack applied a different design component to each chair such as what elements were dyed red or black etc. Photos include what the chairs looked like after pressure washing but before sanding and of course their original drab gray status before the project began.